Booster Meeting 10/20/2020

Dawg Duals: Dawg Duals will be held this year on 12/12/2020. Currently only 20% capacity is allowed in they gym – we will follow the PIAA guidelines. Coach Chris is looking into options of possibly using both gyms and the cafeteria; and has suggest of trying to “quarantining” teams to classrooms.

We are also exploring our options for admissions and concessions. Food Trucks were brought up as an option.

Fundraising: We would like to host our 3rd annual Night at the Races. Dates and location are TBD.

Any other fundraising ideas are welcome.

Booster Officers: All officers from the 2019-2020 season are still currently in place. We will need to vote to retain these officers or replace them by or at the next meeting. VP Middle School and Secretary are vacant.

Encourage parents to attend booster meetings – they do not need to be officers to be involved.

Other Discussion Items:

  • JO (Youth) Program
    • There is a NHWL meeting on 10/26. We should know more about the season after this meeting
    • Avonworth and Pittsburgh are currently NOT having a season.
      • We have learned that Pine Richland has set up a club team under the name of Quest. Hopefully they will be able to join us this year.
    • Coach Chris is working on a practice location for the JO program. Ideal location would be the high school. Prodigy might be a possibility as well. He is still exploring options.
    • Registration will begin ASAP. We will be using TeamSnap this year.
    • Target practice start date is 12/1/2020 – could be sooner
    • Strong recommendation for practice – long sleeve compression shirts and leggings to reduce amount of skin to skin contact. Not mandatory.
    • Need to set up volunteer requirements.
    • Emma Bursick tournament is up in the air this year.
    • Side Note – add a thermometer to the medical bag.
  • Next meeting 11/10/2020 – Location TBD

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